Richard E. Kaas D.V.M.

dr kaasDr. Richard E. Kaas has been practicing small animal veterinary medicine in the Nashua/Merrimack area for over 40 years.  He graduated from Michigan State University in 1972, and has been a practice owner for 35 years.  Mercy originally started out as Ferry Road Animal Hospital located in Nashua for 21 years.

Dr. Kaas received his first taste of veterinary medicine when he worked for Dr. Frederick Clark as a kennel boy in his early teens. “Years later, I can truly say I still enjoy what I do. Veterinary medicine has changed so incredibly since those days. When you are dealing with living creatures, there is always something new to learn.  Our knowledge and ability to help pets live longer and healthier lives has grown tremendously.  What has not changed is the importance of each individual pet to their family.  Our ‘job’ as veterinarians is to come along side each family and help them through all phases of their pet’s life, from pediatric to geriatric, and in the process provide their pets with the best veterinary care possible.  This continues to be a joy and calling on my life.”

Dr. Kaas enjoys getting to know the families who come to Mercy. His practice interests include surgery and geriatrics. His clients and staff characterize him as having a gentle nature. It is not unlike him to call clients at home to enquire on the progress of a pets recovery, check on hospitalized animals in the middle of the night, or bring a patient home for the night for observation.

Dr. Kaas and his family have one cat and two dogs- a very low number for them! They recently welcomed a rescue Belgian Shepherd from Alabama.

When spending time away from Mercy, Dr. Kaas enjoys being with his family, playing his guitar, and being involved in church activities.